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 Post subject: GP-4 Gas Mask
PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:19 am 

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This product review is in regards to the GP-4 Gas Mask, which is not available on the sight, but was recommended to me via Vlad when I was assigning orders for a cache of Gas Masks of all different models;

First, let me note to all who read this, that this is quite possibly the oldest mask you can get at this sight, and aside from other places that sell Russian masks, this may very well be the oldest you can get period excluding WWII and pre-cold war era gas masks of other generations.

Now on to the actual review; this mask consists of quite possibly the first attempt at the 'spider harness' in the Russian field of gas masks. Though the harness is sometimes awkward to adjust, it fits very comfortably due to its materials being made out of a stretchy nylon or of some other sort, which also removes the issue that the GP-7VM has with its sticky and hard to adjust spider harness made out of rubber. The mask itself is made out of a dark green latex/rubber mixture, that seems to be flexible but firm, it fits well to the face as long as proper adjustment is put into play, but users may find it difficult to keep a seal since the tip of the gas mask tends to 'unfold,' which causes a break in the seal near the forehead, allowing a flow of air to seep in from the top. Aside from that minor issue, the lenses you will notice are that of the same model of GP-5's that succeeded this mask shortly afterward. These lenses do have somewhat of a hard time keeping clear as heavy breathing while in long runs or stressful walks will easily fog the lenses nearly completely until heavy inhales and light exhales are used to properly defog the lenses, which takes time and skill.

This mask being one of the older generation models, also lacks the voice amp that most current masks seen today always hold true to. This being the case, it is very difficult to give orders or commands while wearing this mask, in a clear and calm environment, an individual wearing a mask of same or different type, usually has trouble hearing up to only four feet from your position, with no obstructions at all, and even then, commands do not come through clearly. This being the case, it is easily speculated that this mask would need to be issued to an infantryman or civilian of lesser value than that of you or your squad.

The breathing module is somewhat similar to the GP-5 in some cases, but the differences being here, is a tube that connects to the filter directly from the mask and to the base, the tube is not possible to remove, and may lead to troubles when the desire to switch from a tube to a stand alone filter is necessary. This being said, there is still no issues with air being retrieved through the filter and through the tube, as it is made of the same quality the ShMS gas mask tube is made with, so kinking and other troubles will not happen while on the field.

Like the ShMS, this mask is highly recommended to be used with the corresponding carrying bag, as it is essential to use it to carry the filter at all times.

All in all, this mask is pretty basic, and I would recommend it only for when you feel like having a real challenge utilizing all you have in the field, it has no difficulties filtering smoke and exhaust while properly sealed, but problems can occur when the mask dislodges from your forehead. The usefulness while running or being caught in combat are nearly nonexistent, as the mask continually has the problem of getting in the way of your movement and aiming with the tube, similar to the ShMS, except this time the tube has less mobility and constricts more to the users mask instead. Along with the seal breaking without good handling, it is difficult to say if I would ever recommend this in an actual combat situation. However, this mask does have redeeming qualities as it is very old, and still represents the foundations of Russian gas mask technology. It also has a very good look to it being green, and fits extremely well with the OZK-1 chemical suit. So this mask could potentially be a great investment in anyone's collection, for novelty purposes, and for basic training runs with the know how's needed to be able to properly use gas masks, as well as the other benefits stated before.

So in conclusion, the GP-4 gas mask, gets a 7.0/10

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