Afghanistan Winter Uniform Jacket & Pants
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Author:  JakeWedding [ Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:40 am ]
Post subject:  Afghanistan Winter Uniform Jacket & Pants

Soviet Afghanistan Winter Uniform ... Pants.html

This is a very nice Uniform, has very nice lining in the jacket and is very well made from what I can tell

Although mine is about a size too big (I got a 52-3, Its about the right size for a Medium Sized Guy) so I probably wont wear it Much
But anyhow I Bothered to get some Measurements and whatnot that should be Uniform over the Sizes (Or about)

Nice Synthetic Fur Collar (Same Stuff as the Blue Ushanka's)
Separate Liner (One for Each)
- Joins by Rows of Buttons around Collar and down Front on Jacket
- Joins by Row of Buttons around Top on Trousers
- Can be Worn Separately
- Have no Pockets apart from Right Inside on in Jacket
- Fur Collar is attach to it

- Button Up Front, Very Strong, Has Extra Buttons For Strengthening
- Cord around Bottom and 1/2 up, For Tightning

Velcro Pocket on each Shoulder
- - Double Patch
- - About 15x12x4 (Out-Facing side is Elevated)

4 Large Pockets on Front
- - Double Button (Hidden)
- - About 15x14x5 (Out-Facing Side is Elevated)

Plastic Pocket on Right Side Inside
- - Raincoat Material
- - 19x15

Hidden Pocket on Left Side (Hidden in the Seam)
- - Thick Rubbery Heavy Duty Material
- - Single Button
- - Big enough for a Pistol
- - Has Cord with clip on End (~110cm) To attach to your Pistol or what ever you'r keeping in that Pocket

Large Opening on Top
- - For Hood (Raincoat Material)

- 6cm Belt Loops (Bigger than Normal Belt, By 2cm)
- 'Y' Suspenders, Button on Back a Buckle on Front
- Button Up Fly
- Adjusters on Each Side of Hip, Can Tighter by about 1cm Each
- Cords on Leg Bottom, to Tie around Boots

Normal Side Pant Pockets, Very Deep

One Large pocket on Each Upper Leg
- - Double Button (Hidden)
- - 21x19x4 (Elevated on Sides)

Also, if you have a Question About it, I should be able to Answer it half Decently

Author:  Combat Wasp [ Mon Dec 05, 2011 12:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Afghanistan Winter Uniform Jacket & Pants

Two questions,

Is it warm? Winter is brutal cold here in the upper midwest USA. Also what is a "medium sized guy"? I'm interested in getting one of these packages but don't think it will fit.

I'm 6'1, 200lbs. I wear a size 44 coat and pants waist size 36. These are US measurements of course.

Author:  JakeWedding [ Mon Dec 05, 2011 12:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Afghanistan Winter Uniform Jacket & Pants

Seams pretty warm, its never that cold in Auckland though! (Goes down to about 12c, idk really...)
Its got quite thick Fabric on the Jacket and Pants, and the Inside lining Jacket and pants are made of a bit thinner stuff with the Padding on the inside (About 2mm Pile inside it)

Yea, the size I got should fit you nicely, your about the same height but not as Skinny as me (By Far, I need to eat more!)
The Inner lining 'Buffs' the whole thing out a bit more, so the Jacket and Pants without it are a bit big.

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