Quick Airsoft Guide fer Newbie players!
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Author:  rusher38 [ Wed Jun 09, 2010 1:18 am ]
Post subject:  Quick Airsoft Guide fer Newbie players!

Chinese guns are the cheap clones that you can buy for around ~$200
they usually come with metal bodies but pretty bad internals
Though that does NOT seem to count for CYMA which have came out and produced some of the best AKs for only around $170

Though CYMA still does not match up to VFC
VFC makes the world's greatest airsoft AK - they have more modern versions than the original 1947
Their AKM is very hard to find, unless you live in Taiwan. But you can get their AK74 versions quite easily, even though their guns cost around $400 each.
VFC is from Taiwan

JG is a chinese clone of Tokyo Marui, they basically make everything TM makes but crappier, their AKs are not very good, most of their stuff is a lot like TM - ALL PLASTIC, but their internals are the SAME design as TM which means they take nearly ANY upgrade

Real Sword is a company from Hong Kong who used to be a real firearms company and their guns are mainly steel and people have assumed their AKs are just real steel ones with gearboxes dropped in, they only make the Chinese AK right now, even though it is pretty neat looking, its still not a Soviet AK - the Type 56 has a rounded front sight and the full stock one has a folding bayonet, they also make a Type 97 which is very nice, and the first producers of a Dragunov SVD AEG

Classic Army - been around almost as long as Tokyo Marui, similar design to TM but they were the first company to sell guns with metal bodies for under $400 =D oh and Based in Hong Kong

Ok since I've mentioned them a few times - Tokyo Marui - the first producer of the AEG, with their FAMAS. That's right a French gun was the first AEG.
Most of their guns are plastic to comply with Japanese law which won't allow 'realistic' replicas

Guay and Guay or G&G - Taiwan company, very very good. First designer of the AEG M14, a few months ahead of Tokyo Marui, their AKs are not very good unless you pay the $400 for their good ones, but then again, for the $400 you are better off getting a VFC

ARES - Hong Kong based - produces some of the BEST gas rifles around, next to Tanaka of course. But they have the most interesting rifles I think, like a Cheytac M200

Tanaka - Japanese, idk how they get past Japanese law, but they sell their guns very realistically, like real wood and strong metal

SRC - paired usually with TSD - is a Taiwan company and they make very good guns for UNDER $300, and their Taiwanese! Their G36s are nice, and so are their AKs, better than CYMA actually, though CYMA probably has more compatibility with parts than SRC

Your best choice when you start off for the first time is to get a CYMA, JG, or a Sportline from Classic Army or G&G
CYMA and JG are very upgradeable, but if you want an AK get a CYMA, JG makes a nice G36 though
Classic Army sportlines are nice, they come with a plastic body and with the proline internals, but CA is known for their tank armor metal (lol reference to how strong their metal is)
G&G Sportlines are AMAZING, but avoid Combat Machine if you can, they have faulty wiring sometimes but if you can find their GR16 Plastica (it's an M4, and theres a M16) they have the proline internals with the awesome plastic body which is almost as strong as metal

Companies to AVOID AT ALL COSTS:
Double Eagle
AGM (unless you want one of their WWII guns)
DBoys (internals are crap, externals are good (on their AKs)
Echo1 (All they are are Chinese rebrand with a larger price)
Cybergun (they license their stuff just to seem nice, but most of their guns are incompatible with parts and will eventually kill themselves)

Also, the BlowBack function on most AEGs seems very interesting but will bring the downfall of your gun, if you get blowback, get a pneumatic system (only in G&G models) or get a Gas blowback gun
good example is the Army Armament R85 or L85, and the JG AK74
The blowback just TEARS the piston down

Oh, and do not buy from AirSplat unless you want broken stuff
They're cheap but, they send you the wrong thing sometimes, and sometimes even send you broken guns, I even got a gun once with a bent barrel T_T like noticeably bent

CYBERGUN has produced more models recently, and improved on top of their fail. They released an AKM recently and an AKS74U
Though, I went to a store nearby and they had the AKS74U and for some reason the stock wouldn't fold (button wouldn't press in)
But their AKM seems nice, much nicer than previous models of theirs (ehem SIG 552)
The AKS74U has real wood, and the AKM is plastic wood

Also I have seen more good cases with DBOYS, especially some people said their AKMS was good but idk

A&K was not mentioned before, they are a chinese company and produce odd guns, they are one of a few chinese companies that design weapons themselves (the other being JLS)
They make an M249 and an M60 which are both very good, but I wouldn't recommend their standard rifles

JLS is a very odd chinese company, they were THE first to design an airsoft SCAR rifle, also the first for the F2000 and the RX4 Storm. Their guns are decent, but I've heard bad about their SCAR

Author:  gafrin [ Wed Jun 09, 2010 5:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick Airsoft Guide fer Newbie players!

Nice guide for newbie players! Thank you for making this as well! I agree that Double Eagles are crap, well at lease the one I got. My first ever airsoft gun was an Double Eagle M16. It's gearbox broke off after one burst of full auto fire.

Author:  Taurus [ Wed Jun 09, 2010 1:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick Airsoft Guide fer Newbie players!

I'm not sure of the accuracy of the JG though, I've had JG AK's for awhile and I absolutely love the ones I have. They are both blow-back models and the only issues I've had with them after about a year of use is the small occurrence when the bolt doesn't shut all the way, but that just requires a little tap or re-cock and it goes back in it's stationary position.

Author:  rusher38 [ Wed Jun 09, 2010 3:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick Airsoft Guide fer Newbie players!

Really? You've actually experience a good EBB Chinese gun?
Wow, astonishing. All the ones I have had or seen have broken really quickly, especially my Army L85 which I bought when I was a noob, so I had to do some work and it works somewhat ok now

Author:  gafrin [ Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick Airsoft Guide fer Newbie players!

Lots of players in some sites I've played in have pretty good experiences with some Chinese Clones, mainly CYMA and JG.

I myself own a JG Spetsnaz myself (Not the steel version) and so far it's still good (around a few months, been with me for 4 to 5 months), I'll probably upgrade it when some of it's parts finally brake down. So in my opinion, a few good Chinese Clones do exists, but they are a hit and miss (receiving defective models) compared to the more expensive brands, due to better quality checks I guess.

Author:  vityaz [ Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick Airsoft Guide fer Newbie players!

I had a DE M56AL shotgun and have a JG MP5A4 with no problems on either

Author:  rusher38 [ Wed Jun 09, 2010 9:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick Airsoft Guide fer Newbie players!

I was referring to JG's fail point their AK74 blowbacks
And DE does have decent shottys because of the triburst
JG has very good clones of TM, and their MP5s are pretty much the same as their G36s

Author:  Taurus [ Wed Jun 09, 2010 11:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick Airsoft Guide fer Newbie players!

I haven't seen any problems with my blowback models, and if you do have issues with the feature there is always the ability to just detach the blowback module from the piston. Then you won't need to worry about it blowing out. ^^

Author:  rusher38 [ Thu Jun 10, 2010 2:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick Airsoft Guide fer Newbie players!

Yeah you could do that, but if someone is new and does not know how to do that they would just get angry when the gun doesn't fire, so I wouldn't recommend their AK74 blowbacks to complete newbs
Also, I didn't mention this earlier, but I have seen a few JG AKs where the selector switch decides to fall off...
Ever happen to you? Or did it ever get really loose?

Author:  Taurus [ Thu Jun 10, 2010 3:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick Airsoft Guide fer Newbie players!

Nah, but there are some accounts from the people I bought it from that have said it to happen, it's not so much a huge issue as it is just a factory error, and they repair it for you when you send it in. But mine so far haven't had any trouble.

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